Friday July, 16 2021
Dolomyths Run Vertical Km
· Start: Alba in Ciasates (nearby Canazei, direction Passo Fedaia) at 9.00 a.m. The start area will be indicated by specific signs placed along the main road.
· Start in waves: about 20 athletes starting indicatively every 4 minutes, anyway at Jury’s discretion.
· Juniors will start first, followed by athletes who got the highest times in the previous editions or who take part to the race for the first time
· At 10.30 top-runners, athletes taking part to VK international competitions. will start. The athletes belonging to this group will be selected by the Jury together with the Organizing Committee.
· Arrival: Crepa Neigra. Refreshments will be provided in the arrival area.
· The racetrack will be signalled by special flags. At the start, at the arrival and all along the track, members of the staff will be present to help in case of need. They wear a high-visibility vest (YELLOW).
· Compulsory equipment: windbreaker. The bib number, not to be modified, folded or cut for whatever reason, must always be visible.
· Covid prevention measures. To enter the start area every runner must undergo body temperature measurement, sanitize their hands, keep safety distance. Facial musk must be worn at the start and at the finish but not while racing. The Covid self-declaration form must be provided in copy at the collection of the bib number at the race office.
· Due to Covid prevention measures there won’t be any transportation of runners’ clothes in the finish area.
· Poles are allowed but no poles transportation or delivery service will be provided.
· Athletes cannot be accompanied by anybody along the racetrack.
· It is absolutely forbidden to run back down along the racetrack. The return is possible only by cabin-lift from the Ciampac area. Athletes can run for free by showing their bib number.· No shuttle service will be available to carry athletes from the Ciampac parking area back to the race start area.
The lunch for the athletes will be provided at the start area at Ciasates starting from 12.30
· The Organizing committee invites all the athletes to respect the environment. The athletes are specifically required not to throw all around glasses, paper and rubbish but to throw them in the rubbish baskets, specifically placed in the refreshment points. To those who break this rule a two minutes penalty will be assigned.
· The Organizing Committee cannot be held responsible for any theft, loss or damage that may occur to personal properties left unattended, before during and after the race, in the race office or in the start/finish area.
The prize-giving ceremony will be held on FRIDAY 16 JULY at 2.30 p.m. in Ciasates
For any specific need, please contact the race office staff.